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NATM Approved – Why that is important.

All CM Trailers are built to comply with the guidelines set forth by industry standards and NATM.  NATM is the National Association of Trailer Manufactures that was started in 1987. Their goal is to promote safety and quality in the trailer industry.

We are proud to be members of NATM.

Our trailers are verified to be in compliance with NATM standards and are periodically tested and inspected for quality to insure we meet federal regulations and industry standards.  We use The Guidelines for Recommended Minimum Manufacturing Practices for Trailers Under 26,000 lbs. Please, when you purchase a trailer look for the red, white and blue compliance decals to be assured of quality.

Who is NATM?

The NATM represents manufacturers who produce light- and medium- duty trailers which are towed behind vehicles. Trailers manufactured by NATM member companies transport a diverse range of items – livestock, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, landscaping, equipment, etc. and also serve as portable power generators, traffic control systems and law enforcement command centers.  NATM seeks to promote awareness among its members of best industry practices and provide a voice for trailer manufacturers when issues of trailer safety and regulation are considered by Congress and relevant government agencies.


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